Bargain Weed Deals in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is home to a wide selection of cannabis, but the cost of top-shelf strains can be prohibitive to some visitors. Part of this is related to the grey area laws which make production and large-scale supply an offence, but a lot has to do with shops taking advantage of tourists and promoting the more expensive strains on the menu. I live in the centre of the city, so I’ve found regular purchases of top-shelf weed to be depressingly impactful on my wallet. With that in mind, a few months ago I set myself a mission to find the best value weed and hash I could. I’ve previously written about my favourite weed, hash, concentrates, and edibles, but here’s a quick look at some of the cheaper options for those on a budget. I’ve added a link to where you can buy seeds for each strain, should you fancy trying your hand at growing. Check out my complete grow guide for more help on that topic.

CBD Red Libanon

This is a very mellow hash, which (as per the above image) goes well as an accompaniment to a fine whisky. It’s a CBD-rich product with upwards of 15% CBD to accompany the 17% THC content, which is lab-tested, according to their menu.

Genetics: Unknown

Flavour: Chalky, salty hash flavour

Effect: Body relaxation and relatively clear mind

Coffeeshop: Siberie (€7 per gram)


Pineapple Choco Kush

Above is the PCK on the left, with OG Pakistani Kush on the right. I’ve included both as most stuff in this price range at Boerejongens is far better value for money than the €8-ish classic strains I’ve listed below (PH and WW). If you want supreme bud quality and modern strains at a reasonable price, this is the coffeeshop for you. There should be at least three or four strains that will hit the spot, but not your wallet.

Genetics: Pineapple Bud x Choco Kush

Flavour: Slightly sour fruity taste with mild chocolate undertones

Effect: Mental elevation with body relaxation

Coffeeshop: Boerejongens (€8.50 per gram)


Amnesia Haze shake

Katsu offers a bud-heavy bag of shake, which can vary in quality. You can get a 1g version of this, but it was mostly dust when I bought it before, so ask for the €20 option and do a visual check to ensure it’s up to scratch. It has a lovely, fresh Amnesia aroma, and it hits very well either on its own or used as a buffer for a hash spliff. Don’t expect this to deliver a KO punch, but it’s a great little sativa if you want a more uplifting experience.

Genetics: Various cross-breeds (Royal Queen Seeds)

Flavour: Ripe citrus fruit

Effect: Energised, uplifting high

Coffeeshop: Katsu (€20 per 4 grams)



Every Wednesday Voyagers collect all the bottom buds/shake from their stock, and sell it at a reduced rate. This will be a salad of all their strains, so expect the odd nugget of Kosher Kush, 24K, and Lemon Bubble. The bud-to-dust ratio is poorer than the offering at Katsu, but you get more variation (including higher-grade strains) and have an interesting time guessing which strain is which.

Genetics: Various

Flavour: Various

Effect: Uplifting creative highs or couch-lock stoned, depending on the bud

Coffeeshop: Voyagers (€25 per 5 grams) *only on Wednesdays – arrive early!*


White Widow

The classic White Widow strain is showing its age, and can’t compete against the newer varieties. I’d go so far as to say you get a better hit from one of the high-end shake bags than even a top quality WW bud, but if you prefer appearance over potency, this will provide a relaxing background effect, at a reasonable price. I myself would not recommend this in comparison to the other options, but as it’s so common I thought I should include it in any cheap weed guide.

Genetics: South American sativa x South Indian indica (Royal Queen Seeds)

Flavour: Mild, skunk flavour

Effect: Mild body stoned

Coffeeshop: Easytimes (€8.50 per gram)


Purple Haze

Made famous by 1970s rock stars, this strain is most prominent these days for its colouration. You get unique purple flowers offset against green leaves, which always catches the eye. In terms of effect it’s very mild, so don’t expect it to live up to its reputation, but given the price it’s a pleasant alternative if you don’t want to get too stoned during the day, but much poorer value for money than most other options.

Genetics: Haze x Purple Thai (G13 Labs Seeds)

Flavour: Earthy with a hint of berry

Effect: Stimulated mental high

Coffeeshop: Easytimes (€8 per gram)


Thai Stick

This is almost indistinguishable from a lot of the other “brick weed” strains here, including stuff noted as being outdoor Jamaican. It’s truly awful in terms of flavour and smell, but it’s incredibly cheap and allows you to smoke and smoke without getting too high. Perfect for those days when you need to be alert when dealing with the public, but you want a really nice background buzz.

Genetics: Thai pure sativa landrace

Flavour: Earthy lemon with a sweet aftertaste

Effect: Energised, super-clear head high

Coffeeshop: Stones (€3.50 per gram)

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