BBC documentary claims heroin is safer than cannabis


In yet another shocking display of misinformation, the BBC last night aired a documentary in which it left unchallenged the assertion that heroin and crack are less dangerous substances than cannabis. Yes, that’s heroin, which accounts for over 13,000 deaths annually in the US (surpassing gun homicides), and crack, which along with powdered cocaine, was responsible for the loss of almost 7,000 lives during 2015 alone.

The claims were made not by an expert with any sense of fact-checking or knowledge of the broader stats, but by a random member of the public who was bizarrely given credence by the publicly-funded broadcaster. At first glance this might seem like it’s providing balance, but that’s only if you believe there needs to be equal time afforded to complete bullshit as there is facts and science. We’ve already seen the trouble you can get into by claiming there are “many sides” to a settled issue, and yet here we have our taxes going towards giving air-time to prohibitionists who want to push fear mongering onto millions of viewers.

“I told my oldest son I would prefer him to use heroin over skunk. Heroin and crack, it does what it says on the tin, it’s physical, emotional, and spiritual – whereas skunk is the psychotic aspect”

Oh really, lady? You think that the zero recorded deaths from cannabis is worse than this?

Or this?

Compared to this?

If you’d like to complain to the BBC, you can do so via this online form. I’ve prepared an example complaint, which you’re more than welcome to paste, or of course feel free to write your own:


Regarding your ‘Cannabis – Time for a Change?’ documentary which aired this week

I was unhappy to discover that you provided air-time to somebody who promoted heroin and crack as safer and more reasonable alternatives to cannabis. This was a completely fact-free claim, and was left uncontested and unqualified by real professionals.

Please ensure that commentators have some business talking about the topic, and provide more balance on the positive side of cannabis. Many millions of uk citizens use the plant safely and regularly, and we’re sick of being smeared or having to defend ourselves against lies pushed by the nation’s chief broadcaster.

It’s not just an issue with the smearing of cannabis, but how others watching might now perceive far more dangerous substances. Those who’ve tried cannabis and found it to be very safe, may now be left wondering if it’s perfectly fine for them to indulge in these deadly drugs.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I look forward to seeing a change in future.

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