How to buy drugs online


There’s a huge buzz in the world these days, and it centres around the wonders of private online drug markets. While it’s certainly not somewhere you’d send your money to any old person, there are ways of massively reducing risk, to the point where it’s no more a worry than eBay. Wherever I’ve seen dark web markets mentioned, it’s just a simple article about what’s on offer, and how secure it is, rather than a ‘quick start’ guide to practically using the thing.

There are a few parts to consider. Bitcoins are the currency used to purchase stuff on the Dream Market, and so you’ll need to exchange your measly human dollars for some of these virtual goodies. Please read this carefully and remember that despite what I’ve said, there’s always a risk where money’s involved, so use common sense. I’ve included steps towards the end on anonymising BTC, but unless you’re a vendor or live in a surveillance state with death penalty laws for possession, I wouldn’t bother myself.

1. Get the Tor browser

Download and install Tor browser:

This is basically Firefox with some add-ons to ensure anonymity.

2. Register on Dream Market

Once you’ve installed the Tor browser, open this link to access the Dream Market online drugs site: http://lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion/?ai=2662894301

Please note that this link won’t open in a normal browser – you need to open this page within the Tor browser.

3. Buy Bitcoins

There are loads of places online to buy, but I’ve included a few below for you to choose from, based on your location. You should set the wallet address to the one shown under your Dream Market account, or the one shown in Bit Blender, if you wish to anonymise your coins.

UK –

Netherlands –

4. Anonymise Bitcoins

Create an account here and follow the instructions: http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion/?r=135330

This step takes the BTC which are linked to your name and swaps them with random BTC stored on Bit Blender. This effectively makes it impossible for anybody to easily trace your spending back to you. Please note that this service costs a small fee, and I personally wouldn’t bother, but if you want to be super secure, this is for you.

5. Go wild on Dream Market!

Head back to the Dream Market and refresh your page until you see the BTC have arrived. Typically this can take 60-90 minutes, so don’t worry if you don’t see anything immediately.

You can check the seller’s feedback (rating out of 5, next to their name), and also explicitly see comments from previous buyers. Click the seller’s name to see their detailed profile/feedback rating/disclaimers etc.

When buying they use an escrow system which means Dream Market holds the money and only releases when the buyer confirms they receive the product (known as ‘finalizing’). If you’re a newbie, or the seller is a trusted one (i.e. has a great rep), they may ask you to ‘finalize’ before they ship it. This is pretty reasonable, but avoid doing it on large purchases if possible.

You can add any name and address to which you want to send the item. Don’t use an obviously famous false name. If you wish to remain anonymous then put something bland, such as an elderly female name which is native to your country. If it’s not in your name, it’s not yours. If anything gets intercepted (it probably won’t) then just say it’s not yours. Please beware that if you send your mail with tracking and you’re not home, you may need matching ID to collect it from the depot.

The ‘finalize’ option appears once the seller has accepted the purchase and packaged your item. It’s under the basket icon. You can leave feedback/rating at this point, but you can just ignore the box and fill it in when you’ve sampled the goods.

Disclaimer: this guide assumes that the reader has legal rights to any purchases they make, and does not endorse any specific items. Please always research drugs and local laws before you purchase something on the black market.

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