How To Make Cannabis Butter And Edibles


If you grow cannabis or use a vaporiser, you can use seemingly ‘waste’ material to get really, really high. You just need to know how to extract the cannabinoids. Even for those who want to use premium bud, this guide is for you.

Select Your Material

For this process we can use either the trim/waste leaves from growing cannabis plants, or we can use actual cannabis flowers. Whichever form you use, the key is to ensure it is as finely ground as possible. It needn’t be dust-like, but as with smoking, the more surface area, the quicker and more complete the absorption. With fresh leaves you can simply layer them and then use scissors to cut them into smaller pieces. The quantity of cannabis needed depends on the quality of the material being used. The below chart gives a rough guide to dosages, but this can be adjusted depending on personal preference and tolerance. Material which has already been vaporised should be classed as “shake” for the purposes of judging dose.

 Courtesy of Smoking With Style 

Extract Cannabinoids Into Butter

Once you have your plant material prepared and measured, the next step is to melt the butter in a saucepan and add some water. Just a little at first, with the eventual aim being to have the pan no more than 75% full. Once the butter has melted you can add your weed and begin stirring the mixture. Add more water if the plant material overwhelms the butter.

Place the lid on your saucepan and leave it to gently simmer (not ferociously boil) at a low temperature. Beware the smell alerting neighbours or others in your household, as this process takes several hours. It’s almost arbitrary, but I tend to leave the pan for three or four hours. Most of the cannabinoids will have been absorbed in the first hour or so, but leaving it for a bit longer will maximise the potency.

Once it’s ready, leave it to cool for 15 minutes and then pour the mixture through a coffee filter, sieve, or cheesecloth. I recommend the latter as you can really squeeze the resulting ball of material in order to extract every last bit of cannabutter, although a sieve is almost as good – just use  a wooden spoon and press it firmly.

Put the resulting liquid in a fridge and leave it overnight (8-12 hours). The butter will rise to the top and form a ‘crust’ which can be removed, leaving just water and waste product to be thrown away.

Use Butter For Edibles

Now you have the cannabutter, you can simply use it in recipes as you would normal butter. This is just my method of doing things. There are many great sources of alternative methods and recipes, so try it and see what suits you.

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