Making Cannabis Hot Chocolate From Used Volcano Bags


This is a great way to make use of residue left on Volcano vaporiser bags. For years I just threw them away once they were a few months old, but a while back I read some forum posts about using this trick, and I think even Dopefiend mentioned it on some of his podcasts. First things first, this isn’t just a cute way to get a little more high, but something which provides a quite staggering stone, which comes on quickly, lasts for hours, and will have you remembering the good old days of being absolutely zonked.

It’s a really simple process, thanks to the nature of the Volcano bag material. To give you some rough guidelines as to strength, a given bag I’ve used might have been in action for 2-3 months, with around 0.3g of weed put through it each day. At this level of residue I’ve managed to get three experienced users very, very stoned, using just a litre of chocolate milk added to the bag. It could have done the trick for six or more people, so don’t underestimate the potency.

1. Purchase Flavoured Milk Drink Of Your Choice

2013-04-03 17.45.20

2. Cut Volcano Bag Into Small Strips / Simmer Milk Drink

2013-04-03 17.51.08

 3. Add Volcano Bag To Pan And Simmer For 15 Minutes

2013-04-03 17.59.41

4. Pour Mixture Into Glasses And Discard Volcano Bag

2013-04-03 18.26.16

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