The Best Weed, Hash, Concentrates, and Edibles in Amsterdam


Having lived in Amsterdam for almost a year, I feel I’ve now got a good grasp of what the city has to offer weed consumers. I’ve been to dozens of coffeeshops, and tried basically the entire menu at places like Katsu and Boerejongens. I’ll keep this list updated, so ensure you check back to see what’s worth your precious euros. My focus is on value as much as gauging literally the strongest/most pleasant strain. Much love to the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Directory Facebook page, which has been an inspiration to write this article. You should pay us a visit for more discussion of all things Amsterdam. For those who are looking for super-cheap deals, I’ve also penned a guide to bargain weed in Amsterdam. Make sure you check the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Menus Facebook page for an idea of what’s on offer across town.


These are my choices for the best flowers currently available in Amsterdam. Where there are multiple coffeeshops stocking the strain, I’ve listed them in order of quality. Thanks to Leafly for most of the images. Click on the strain name to jump into more detail about that plant. If you’re interested in buying seeds and growing your own, I’ve hyperlinked the breeder name to take you straight to the best seed bank I’ve used. My complete grow guide will help you.

1. Holy Grail Kush

This is my personal favourite strain of all time. When grown properly it’s better than the OG #18, and thanks to the awesome De Kade coffeeshop, you can now get this at a bargain price. It’s an entire €5/gram cheaper than the Easytimes offering, and it’s a nicer smoke!

Genetics: OG #18 x Kosher Kush (DNA Genetics)

Flavour: Ripe lime and fuel

Effect: Mental contentment mixed with full-body relaxation

Coffeeshop: De Kade (€11 per gram), Easytimes (€16 per gram)


2. 24K Gold

It’s rare to find a strain where you get the kush dankness and musty flavour meeting citrus, but here it is. Amazingly, DNA has created a strain which maintains the flavour of both parents, while delivering a full body and mind high that makes this strain a must-try for visitors to the city.

Genetics: Kosher Kush x Tangie (DNA Genetics)

Flavour: Slightly metallic “kosher” taste with a hint of ripe orange

Effect: Sedated, relaxed body high, with slight mental uplift

Coffeeshop: Original Dampkring (€14 per gram)


3. Champagne Haze

This is one for haze lovers. The best sativa in Amsterdam, as far as I’m concerned. Not only is the flavour sensational, but the buds are incredibly sticky and crunchy. This is as good as it gets for those who prefer sativas.

Genetics: Unknown

Flavour: Lemonade bubbling on the tongue

Effect: Uplifting mental high that takes you away to a tropical island

Coffeeshop: Coffeeshop Club Media (€12.50 per gram), Rookies (€14 per gram)


4. Scott’s OG

Really interesting strain from the moment you open the bag. It’s OG alright, but something’s a little funky. Once more, make sure you head to De Kade to save a couple of bucks over Grey Area.

Genetics: Triangle Kush x Rare Dankness #1 (Rare Dankness)

Flavour: Earthy citrus

Effect: Complete body relaxation with a great mental buzz to boot

Coffeeshop: De Kade (€14 per gram), Grey Area (€16 per gram)


5. Silver Bubble

One of the top hybrids on the market. A Grey Area special!

Genetics: Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk No. 1 (DNA Reserva Privada)

Flavour: Bubblegum with skunky undertones

Effect: Balanced between uplifting/creative and relaxed

Coffeeshop: Grey Area (€13 per gram)


6. Strawberry Sour Diesel

I’d been waiting years to try this, after rave reviews on the scene, and it didn’t disappoint! Lovely combination of smells and flavours, with a very balanced high.

Genetics: Strawberry Cough x NYC Diesel (Devil’s Harvest)

Flavour: Overly sweet strawberries with a sour twist

Effect: Balanced between uplifting/creative and relaxed

Coffeeshop: 1e Hulp (€13 per gram), Voyagers (€15 per gram)


7. Channel+ CBD

One of the hardest things to find in Amsterdam has been CBD-rich strains. Just a couple of years ago budtenders would have scratched their heads at the question, but now we finally have a great option, for those looking for a more rounded high, with additional pain relief and anti-anxiety properties. This one clocks in at close to 5% CBD, with THC in the late teens.

Genetics: Big Bud x Skunk (Medical Seeds)

Flavour: Earthy with subtle floral hints

Effect: Pain relief and calmness

Coffeeshop: De Kade (€12 per gram)



This strain came 3rd in the indica category of the 2017 Elite Cup. It has a zest to it which is reminiscent of some of the newer Cali strains.

Genetics: OG Kush cross-breed (Cali Connection)

Flavour: Pine forest

Effect: Instant mental uplift followed by a sedating body effect

Coffeeshop: Het Ballonnetje (€14 per gram)


9. S5 Haze

Tasty, pleasant haze, which doesn’t leave you feeling too racey or unable to cope with the public. Great for when you need some active energy, and De Kade sells it for a third less than many other places.

Genetics: Unknown (clone only)

Flavour: Like Amnesia Haze with but with an orange tang

Effect: Uplifting, creative high, which isn’t too hectic for daytime use

Coffeeshop: De Kade (€9 per gram)


10. Black Widow Haze

This is a really nice strain for daily use, when you need to get stuff done. Its origins are somewhat unknown, but it’s nothing like White Widow, despite the name.

Genetics: Unknown

Flavour: Sweet, lemony

Effect: Alert, uplifting mental high, with minimal body impact

Coffeeshop: Katsu (€10 per 0.9 grams)


Perhaps even more so than weed, Amsterdam is renowned for its high-quality hash, ranging from North African/Asian imports, through to novel local creations. Below are some of my favourites.


1. Tangerine G13

Sensational flavour in this top quality squidgy. It melts away into an extremely tasty and potent hash.

Genetics: Tangerine x G13 (Amsterdam Genetics)

Flavour: Intense, ripe oranges

Effect: Very trippy and relaxed body high

Coffeeshop: Boerejongens (€20 per gram)


2. Pineapple Express

PE is one of the tastiest strains I’ve ever tried, and 1e Hulp delivers all that flavour in a concentrated, squidgy hash.

Genetics: Trainwreck x Hawaiian (G13 Labs)

Flavour: Intense, juicy pineapple

Effect: Uplifting high with a slight body relaxation effect

Coffeeshop: 1e Hulp (€11 per gram)


3. Super Silver Haze Cookie

This is brand new in Amsterdam. I was worried about the gimmick factor, and the appearance, but once you taste this in a top vaporiser like the Cloud Evo, you’ll know where it got the name. Superb value for money, to boot.

Genetics: Northern Lights x Haze x Skunk No. 1

Flavour: Fruity, minty, baked cookies

Effect: Uplifting sativa-esque mental buzz, with a mild relaxing body effect

Coffeeshop: Boerejongens (€8.50 per gram)


4. Moonrocks

Moonrocks are buds rolled in honey oil and keif, to create a very potent product. The only reason I haven’t put them at number one is the price. You pay a premium to have somebody create this for you, but it’ll blow your head off if you’re feeling flash.

Genetics: Chem’s Sister x Chocolate Diesel (Gorilla Glue) at Mr K, unknown elsewhere

Flavour: Hashy diesel

Effect: Super stoned, stronger than most things outside of pure concentrates

Coffeeshops: Mr K and Co (€45 per gram), 1e Hulp (€40 per gram)



5. Green Magic Block

This is the 1st place winner of the 2017 Elite Cup in the hash category. Gorgeous, melty affair, with great flavour and smell.

Genetics: Green Manalishi X White Choco (Amsterdam Genetics)

Flavour: Melted milk chocolate undertones

Effect: Mellow but uplifting mind buzz, with minimal body effect

Coffeeshop: Boerejongens (€10 per gram)


6. Tropicana Sativa

Very nice squidgy hash which originates from a Dutch haze plant which was exported to Morocco and grown by locals over there.

Genetics: Dutch Haze grown in Morocco

Flavour: Slightly sweet, earthy

Effect: Complete body relaxation with mild mental stimulation

Coffeeshop: Katsu (€10 per 0.7 grams)


Oils, Waxes, and Shatter

Strictly speaking, concentrates and “high-THC” items are supposed to be banned in Holland, but there are several sources. The best of which are on Instagram, with one notable coffeeshop also delivering the goods.


1. Super Lemon Haze Wax

Ambrosia Extracts are now kings of Amsterdam for shatter and waxes. I’ve chosen the lemon wax, but really any number of items could be selected. Extracts are fruity and terpy as is, but when you take one of the most citrus strains ever created, you’ve got pleasure overload.

Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze (Greenhouse Seeds)

Flavour: Super-tart lemon with a hint of the silver parentage

Effect: Soaring, creative high. Powerful THC slap across the face.

Coffeeshop: Ambrosia Extracts Instagram (€60 per gram)


2. Strawberry Sour Diesel Rosin

Strawberry Sour Diesel is a monster of a strain, and it’s even more potent when made into rosin. Rosin is incredibly rare in Amsterdam, so this is your best bet if you’ve got a desire for concentrates. Pick-up some Pineapple Express while there!

Genetics: Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel (Devil’s Harvest)

Flavour: Fruity nose with a hint of diesel on the tongue.

Effect: Energised mental high with minimal body load.

Coffeeshop: Mr K and Co (€36 per half gram)



While I personally far prefer to buy weed, there are plenty of edibles on offer across the city. You can purchase medicated drinks, cookies, and cakes.


1. 250mg Choco Chip Cookie Bites

Golden Green Bakery is the go-to source for edibles. I’ve picked-out the cookies, but you should try the entire range. Get their Wickr account via Instagram direct messaging and ask for pricing on their full range of goods. They’ll happily deliver whatever you want, straight to your door!

Flavour: Traditional chocolate chip cookies

Effect: Intense and melting body high with mental activation

Coffeeshop: Golden Green Bakery Instagram


2. 70mg High Chai

Delicious chai-flavoured milk drink. Stop by La Tertulia and enjoy a seat beside the canal with this relaxing beverage.

Flavour: Creamy chai tea

Effect: Relaxed, background effect mental high

Cofffeeshop: La Tertulia (€7.50)

How about you?

So that’s my current list of favourite cannabis-related items in Amsterdam. Feel that I’ve missed anything? Then add your contribution to the comments and I’ll ensure I pay the CS a visit and add it to the list if it hits the spot!


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